That’s our philosophy.

Private Label bar manufacturer

Are you looking for inspiring, natural, energy providing nut snack? Then you are right here! We are a bar manufacturer and private label specialist who loves to create your nut bar, oat bar or nut snack. We will implement the idea of your bar.

Our bodies are always affected by what we eat and it’s regardless of whether you follow a vegan, gluten-free or lactose-free diet, our products address all your special needs and preferences. We keep it simple – our bars contain only a few, recognisable ingredients, but artificial aromas and additives are taboo, just natural sourced ingredients is what we are looking for.



Not just one, but all! We are constantly working on improving our company’s structure and organisation. Progress and development is important for our products as well as for our clience who are creating their own nut bar, oat bar or nut snack. A strong team means even stronger performance and all our employees are entrusted with responsibilities and see themselves as being a part of a family business.

What do people say?

We love confectionary but look for alternatives to chocolates and biscuits with healthy ingredients. Nut bars are therefore ideal.
I need energy quickly but don’t want a muesli bar. I prefer something that’s just good for me.
I pay attention to the ingredients of thefoods I buy. What’s great about Schock’s bars is that they contain no additives or flavour enhancers.
I know that nuts are healthy but I don’t particularly like them. I prefer to eat a nut bar, it tastes better.
Nuts contain valuable vitamins and fats. That’s why I often send my kids toschool with a nut bar.
Eating healthily is very important to meand I eat very few sweets. But when I do, they should at least contain wholesome ingredients.